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Memories of Sahara

In 1975 Spain leaves the territories of its former Colony in Western Sahara , which up to that moment had been considered as any other Spanish province. This fact provokes the military invasion of the Saharan territory, the so-called Marcha Verde, by The Moroccan Kingdom on October 31st 1975.

Since then, the war between The Polisario Front, which represents the people of Western Sahara, and The Moroccan Kingdom started. This confrontation finished in 1991 when the UN (United Nations) and OAU (Organization of African Unity) made a peace proposal for Western Sahara. This plan is expected to lead to a self-determination referendum by which the people of the Sahara can freely decide on their own future.

Taking the year of the independence of Western Sahara (1974) as the starting point, José Luis de Pablos presents  the photographic exhibition Memories of Sahara. It is an attempt to bring closer the history and politics of the people of Sahara within a more traditional and cultural background of the Saharans.

Memories of Sahara is a collection of pictures made throughout the last thirty years, in an effort to represent the irregular situation in which the Saharan People struggled for their independence.


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